Limitless brings world-class training programs to educational institutions at an affordable cost. We conduct activity-based sessions on speaking powerfully, confidence-building, stress management, and overall soft-skills and personality development. This is for students, teachers, and the staff members.

The programs are customized according to (a) what topics we want to cover and to what extent, (b) for whom the program is, (c) time and money the institute has budgeted.

Our five qualities

Successful track-record with top institutes like IIM-Indore, NMIMS, Delhi University, Jamnabai Narsee School) and companies like United Nations, Adobe, SBI Bank, etc.
An activity-based learning methodology where people feel energised, speak their mind, connect with self & others, and have fun throughout. (No one else can create more engagement with the audience than us, so don’t worry about the attention span of students/staff!)
Changing Mindsets through powerful delivery of content. The entire impact depends on the trainer – the power of their presence and the power in their voice. This is the key in enabling people to get engaged, open-up,and move towards the idea of “change”. (For an example, see the TEDx video on this page)
Innovative content owing to our trainer’s strong background in Psychology as well as Management. We design unique indoor/outdoor activities, tools based on Psychology, etc., to target the resistance to change, and enable people to come out of their “comfort zone”.
Lowest Fee, guaranteed. Our rates will be lower than ANY other company which can achieve the same impact (i.e., the quality of the content/activities, and the brands they’ve worked with).

Popular Topics and Modules

Please see the following for an idea of the modules we cover and some of the topics under each of them.
  • Self-awareness; Gaps between current-self and desired-self; Core Values; My USP
  • Beliefs underlying my behaviour; changing the limiting or self-defeating beliefs/mental blocks
  • Making smarter Decisions in career and life; Managing “what others say/think” (parental/peer pressure)
  • Confidence-building, getting out of the comfort zone, overcoming shyness
  • Eliminating the fear of speaking in front of people (interviews, presentation, senior people, etc.)
  • Empathy-building and understanding others’ perspectives; Managing Anger/Impulse
  • Stress Management & practical ways of increasing one’s Emotional Intelligence
  • Working in teams, being an effective team-player
  • Managing and leading a team; standing out in a crowd
  • Preparing for the next phase (college life or work-life)
    1. Advanced interview preparation/techniques
    2. Making a strong impact in the Group Discussions
    3. Powerful presentation-skills in front of an audience
  • Creating greater engagement/enthusiasm with students; Making dry topics interesting
  • Moving to application-based and activity-based learning
  • Speaking powerfully – to internal and external stakeholders
  • Stress management & increasing one’s Emotional Intelligence
  • Confidence-building, Developing a “go-getter” mindset,
  • Scientific methods of Influencing people more effectively (at work or at home)
  • Conflict-management at the workplace; Managing difficult people; Strengthening Teamwork