Companies need someone to inspire their employees to reach their potential. Our motivational speaker uses innovative methods (speech, interactions, quick activities, etc.) to align the company’s goals/visions with those of the employees. Motivational speaking helps in “enabling” the employees to implement the organizational objectives.

Five qualities of our Motivational Speakers

Successful track-record with top firms like United Nations of always ensuring 2 things (whether it’s 20 pax or 500):

  • An experiential learning environment where people feel energised, speak their mind, connect with self & others, and have fun throughout. (No one else can create more energy in the audience than us.)
  • Strong takeaways for each individual: Interactive debriefing that uses NLP, CBT, and Positive Psychology, to challenge people to take practical steps to move forward in life.

Changing Mindsets through powerful delivery of content. The entire impact depends on the trainer – the power of their presence and the power in their voice. This is the key in enabling people toget engaged, open-up,and move towards the idea of “change”. (For an example, see the TEDx video on this page)
Innovative content owing to our trainers’ strong background in Psychology as well as Management. We design unique indoor/outdoor activities, tools based on Psychology, etc., to target the resistance to change, and enable people to come out of their “comfort zone”. All our activities are original and relate to the real-world (not the typical or clichéd ones that everyone is doing, or the ones that look glamorous but don’t get results) – see the “gallery” section.
Increased ROI of training. Robust Action-Planning for each individual, and follow-ups for 3 months to achieve a long-term change.(Optional)
Lowest Fee, guaranteed (for new clients). Our rates will be 30% lower than any of our competitor who can achieve the same impact (i.e., the quality of the content/activities, and the brands they’ve worked with). Moreover, we don’t charge anything exorbitant for materials/props.

Motivational Session Topics and Modules

Please see the following for an idea of the modules we cover and some of the topics under each of them.
  • Increasing Trust and strengthening relationships for higher productivity
  • Breaking silos: within and between teams/departments/locations
  • Understanding team roles and interpersonal-dynamics
  • Accountability and using feedback as a developmental tool
  • Cohesiveness; Empathy and its impact on interpersonal relationships
  • Blame game; taking ownership and responsibility
  • Team-bonding and connecting with people
  • Communicating assertively, eliminating groupthink, and delegating tasks
  • Influencing team members, and managing freeloaders or slackers
  1. Speaking Powerfully (and Public Speaking)
    • Connecting with people instantly; making an impression in the first meeting
    • Pitching to potential clients and Elevator Speech
    • Eliminating nervousness or fear of public speaking
    • Enhancing the content of the material, structure & flow of information
    • Clarity of thoughts, generating new ideas, making “dry” topics entertaining
    • Handling questions and managing difficult audience members like a pro
    • Body-Language: Everything from style to expressions to gestures
  2. Advanced Communication-Skills
    • Body-Language: Understanding my communication style; Hearing “unspoken” communication
    • Skilled problem-solving through Deep Listening
    • Scientific tactics of influencing people verbally and non-verbally
    • Assertive-speaking, courageous conversations
    • Powerful questioning style for handling conflicts and increasing rapport
  3. Written Communication
    • Improving the quality of all written output (esp. Emails)
    • Focussing on “Clarity”, “Structure” and “Relevance”
    • Tone, Style, Formatting, Etiquette
  • Comprehensive analysis of one’s Emotional Quotient to check gaps/areas for improvement
  • Changing negative beliefs/mindsets through powerful psychological techniques based on NLP and CBT
  • Increasing Emotional Intelligence
    1. “Utilizing” negative emotions (converting them into positive ones)
    2. Real-world techniques on handling stress
    3. Coaching & mentoring through influencing other’s emotional state and behaviour
  • Empathy and humour
  • Managing stress, work pressure, burnout, office politics, and difficult people
  • Session on Positive Conditioning and NLP; practical applications for personal and professional situations

For upper management and experienced leaders, we have a comprehensive Leadership Module that is customized according to the level of the audience, how many programs have they already undergone, etc.

For intermediate level or middle-management, we touch on the following topics:

  • Assessing the current reality, desired goals, and gaps (for self, team-members, and organization)
  • Self-leadership and confidence-building
  • Advanced communication-skills: Enhancing the style to increase one’s influence
  • Developing people: Inspiring, motivating, mentoring, training, and coaching
  • Managing difficult people, politics, or differences within groups
  • Powerful decision-making, and developing empowering methods of problem-solving
  • Self-awareness and regulating one’s emotions
  • Building a positive self-talk (for motivating oneself and others, or handling stress)
  • Communicating confidently and speaking up in meetings and presentations
  • Scientific methods to Influencing people in the family or at work
  • Learning to tackle Mental Blocks
  • Managing rejections or criticisms easily
  • Key techniques of negotiation; creating win-win situations
  • Understanding mindset of negotiation; Advanced problem-solving techniques
  • Regulating body language to retain a position of power; remaining in-control
  • Scientific tactics of influencing people verbally and non-verbally
  • Adapting to different communication styles, and managing difficult or aggressive people
  • Applying the CARE Principle – Communicate, Action, Respect, and Empathy