How to Monitor and Evaluate your Team’s Written Communication

When it comes to programs on corporate team building in India, we pride ourselves in keeping people engagement throughout the day… but this becomes extremely impractical when they want a short, 2-hour or even 1-day workshop on Email Writing! Changing your written communication is the most tedious of all the skills! Especially because it requires…

How to Create More Engagement with Large Groups

Corporate team building programs in India have suddenly gained a lot of popularity. However, they are also usually very cliched and not as engaging when groups are larger than 50 participants.

If you are organizing a team building program for your employees, you should know that your personal brand/reputation is at stake! So how do you make sure you avoid hearing the following at the end of the day:

The Talk on Fear of Public Speaking

Animesh Gupta presented a 19-minute talk on how to conquer the fear of public speaking. Here are quick summary and highlight of the main points. 1. Self-Talk: The Essence of Conquering the Fear You must understand how to communicate with yourself! Animesh demonstrates this by enacting two sides of his own self-talking to each other…

9 Awesome Habits to Stay Positive in Life

People struggle to consciously or voluntarily manage their thoughts and behavior to remain positive on a more regular basis. Before knowing how to be positive, there are two important clarifications about this topic: (a) we cannot be positive all the time, and neither should we have such expectations and (b) positivity is like a “skill” that needs to be developed until it becomes a habit.

In order to make it into a habit, we must find ways that help us adapt to situations in a manner that we move towards what we want, as opposed to reminiscing about what could/should/would happen.

Advanced Guide to Mastering Interviews

Think of the times when your parents forcefully drag you to a relative’s house or a family function. You sit in the car whining and bracing yourself for the impending boredom. But when you reach their house, why do your complaints magically change into smiles and warm greetings? When they open the door, why do you say, “It’s so nice to see you!”, instead of saying something like, “Argh! I hate my life!”

Making Strong Points in Group Discussions

GD is a method of screening candidates for a job by testing their knowledge, confidence, and personality. You would be selected based on at least one (not necessarily both) of the following two:

  • Content: Knowledge, critical-thinking, creativity, reasoning, logic, and argumentative skills.
  • Behaviour/Personality: Confidence, soft skills, communication-skills, leadership, and assertiveness.