9 Awesome Habits to Stay Positive in Life

People struggle to consciously or voluntarily manage their thoughts and behavior to remain positive on a more regular basis. Before knowing how to be positive, there are two important clarifications about this topic: (a) we cannot be positive all the time, and neither should we have such expectations and (b) positivity is like a “skill” that needs to be developed until it becomes a habit.

In order to make it into a habit, we must find ways that help us adapt to situations in a manner that we move towards what we want, as opposed to reminiscing about what could/should/would happen.


Successful Tips To Crack Interviews

Think of the times when your parents forcefully drag you to a relative’s house or a family function. You sit in the car whining and bracing yourself for the impending boredom. But when you reach their house, why do your complaints magically change into smiles and warm greetings? When they open the door, why do you say, “It’s so nice to see you!”, instead of saying something like, “Argh! I hate my life!”