Public Speaking is a process of talking in front of a large audience & conveying your message to them. Public speaking requisites mainly involve strong verbal & nonverbal communication skills wherein the speaker has to be inspiring, influencing with clear communication skills. There are few ways stated here to overcome the fear of public speaking & help you build confidence for the same:

  1. Science of first impression: Public speaking requires talking to a larger audience of different age groups & categories. Dressing up neutrally and neatly helps in making the target audience comfortable as well as gives you confidence in the presentation. Wearing semi-formal clothing in which you feel the most comfortable boosts your confidence. There are numerous public speaking classes which helps you to create the best & lasting first impressions.
  2. Know your audience: Speaking in sync with your audience expectations helps a way lot for building up confidence. The speech should be clear and precise and pertain to the area of concern for the target audience. The speech should be completely audience-centric addressing their related issues. Attaching humor to many technical issues helps in creating interest as well as making the session more interactive.
  3. Structured speech: Structured speech increases your credibility and boosts your confidence to a larger extent among your audience. Memorized speech with respective sequence helps in gaining the attention and keeps the audience connected. The speech should move on four topics mainly.
       a) Clear communication about the content & issue to be spoken
       b) Reasons for the issue or the exact problems related to it
       c) Weighing the alternatives for solving the problem or the issue
       d) Positively ending the speech with clear stated solutions for the same
  4. Practice: Public speaking should be well practiced and definitely visualized before speaking. A lot of confidence can be gained by practicing well before and picturizing yourself speaking among the larger audience. Effective communication skills can be well gained only by practicing a lot as it’s well-said Practice makes a man perfect.
  5. Strong presentation skills: Comprehending the art of strong presentations helps in gaining a lot of confidence in public speaking. There are many public speaking classes which help in developing the skills for making strong & impressive presentations. The presentation should move with a flow along with the structured speech which should be properly memorized. The presentation should include important graphs, charts etc which are beneficial to the audience & helps them to easily anticipate the solutions.


There are innumerable classes for seeking Public Speaking Courses in Mumbai which should be carefully chosen with a proven track record. The public speaking courses should be well customized for individuals needs & requirements.


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